Hello All,

My name is Abdul Manan and I am the founder/CEO of Digital Holdings. I am writing all future users so that you may all know exactly what it is Digital Holdings is bringing to the Middle East. Just for reference, I am a former internal finance consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton with degrees in both Economics and Criminology. More importantly, I also manage a blockchain investment fund so I have exposure to the space in many capacities. Digital Holdings was conceptualized to build a platform to connect two areas of need in the Middle East; education of Digital Assets and the ability to reliably purchase those Assets. The Middle East is full of information on blockchain and Cryptoassets, but the information is many times inaccurate or undependable. Digital Holdings will change that by being the first and only platform in the world that focuses just as much on being an investment platform as it does on being an education platform.

Photo of Abdul Manan

Digital Holdings will place massive importance on real time updates, security, reliability, compliance, and customer service. What you see on the home page is a mock of what Digital Holdings will be as the platform progresses, but we need your help getting there. Sign up for the preregistration to stay up to date as Digital Holdings progresses through all stages of growth. The amount of preregistered users will be capped, so take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary platform before all spots are taken. The most important thing is the user experience, so join us in bringing the best Digital Asset exchange and information HUB in the world to the Middle East.

Abdul Manan

Founder/CEO, Digital Holdings