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Digital Holdings is the world's first platform that offers both education on Digital Assets and the ability to purchase those Assets

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Digital Holdings will place a large importance on security, as such, most of our Digital Assets will be stored offline. We also have the luxury and pleasure of working with the technology team from Mycelium. Mycelium is one of the top Bitcoin wallets in the world and they have built that reputation around security and reliability.

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Our Mobile App

Digital Holdings plans on providing users with a mobile application, along with the online platform. Users will be awarded the ability to buy, sell, and learn about Digital Assets all at the convenience of their phones.

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Digital Holdings places the utmost importance on regulation. The legal team is constantly working with regulators to make sure that we not only bring users a safe environment, but one that remains above board. Users will be able to trust that Digital Holdings will be on top of compliance, as opposed to changing due to compliance.

The Gateway to a New Asset Class

Digital Holdings plans on bringing its users background information on both the fundamental side of Digital Assets and the technical side. The platform will also provide updates as things continue to progress with the Assets provided, such as forks, network adoptions, and other critical updates.